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How To Beat a Idaho Speeding Ticket

First, you have to evaluate whether or not you should take the time and expend the effort to fight the ticket.  If the ticket is not that much or if it is the first ticket you have received, you might just want to pay the ticket and, perhaps, enroll in a Defensive Driving course to offset the points.  However, if you have so many points on your driving record that this might mean a suspension of your license, then you probably should fight the ticket.

If you do plead ‘Not Guilty’ and go to court, the officer that issued you the citation must appear.  If you are lucky and the officer does not come to court, the ticket will be dismissed. 

Voluntary enrollment in Driving University, an Idaho approved Defensive Driving School, may be a negotiating tool that you can use to reduce or dismiss the ticket.  If a traffic court judge will not permit enrollment in lieu of a fine or points, it is still advisable to enroll in Driving University’s online Defensive Driving course to reduce up to 3 points on your Idaho Driving Record. 

You can attempt to plead your case in traffic court by yourself, but that there are lawyers that specialize in helping people beat speeding tickets.  They know the system and will probably have a better chance in court.  If your success in court is dire, you are encouraged to hire an attorney to represent you.

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