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Dangers of Running Red Lights

Intersection crashes not only pose a danger to the driver but to the occupants of the vehicle and pedestrians in the area.  Passengers in the vehicle incur increased danger since the majority of collisions involve a side impact to one of the vehicles. Once you decide to run a red light, you might be deciding to hit a pedestrian.  There are very few accidents between cars and pedestrians that have a good outcome.   The most common results are severe injury or death.  In 2004 on the average, a pedestrian in the United States was killed every 111 minutes.  


Types of crashes:

  • T-bone – the full force of the front of your vehicle will collide with one of the side doors of the other vehicle or vice versa if your car is t-boned.  The driver or passenger that takes the direct hit will likely be severely injured.
  • Side-swipe – this occurs when a car fails to stop before turning right on red.  The driver’s side will be struck by a car already travelling in the lane of traffic.


If an accident occurs in the intersection the cars behind the accident will have to make an abrupt stop to avoid the accident.  If the cars are following each other too closely a ‘rear-end’ accident may occur.  Any accident mentioned can cause injuries or even death.

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