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Reduce Idaho DWI Charges and Fines

As stated earlier, DUI Court is a special program for repeat offenders and first time offenders who present with an elevated BAC. It is intended to teach the offender about the dangers of drinking and driving, and the time the offender spends working in the Sheriff’s Labor Program will reduce jail time.  There is very little offered to DUI offenders in Idaho in addition to this program.

There is hope, however!  Driving University can help you erase points from your Idaho Driving Record and help you to recognize the dangers of your behavior.  Successful completion of the Driving University Idaho specific Defensive Driving course can erase up to 3 points from your Idaho Driving Record once every 3 years, so DUI points do not necessarily have to remain on your record forever, although the conviction will.

Find out today what Driving University has to offer!  You made one mistake by drinking and driving, but don’t make another by missing the opportunity to learn safe, sober driving skills!

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