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DWI Statistics

DUI has not always been a pressing issue in Idaho; however, an increase in DUI incidents has raised flags in Idaho over the past several years.

Statistics show that an average of 1900 DUI’s a year in Idaho result in an average of 100 fatalities and an average of 200 serious injuries.  DUI driving fatalities make up an average of 35% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in Idaho every year.

These statistics are staggering, but you may be saying to yourself, ‘not all DUI’s end in death.’  Well, you’re correct!  The lucky survivors of DUI accidents may ‘walk away’ with injuries and be faced with life-long inflictions of pain and deformity.  Now do you think it makes it less-of-a-tragedy if victims survive?  

More likely than not, by the way, the injury or fatality is not suffered by the driver who is impaired; instead, it is the innocent mother who was on her way home from grocery shopping, or the 7 year old boy who was being picked up from soccer practice.  Are their lives less important than your temporary buzz?!

In addition to the personal destruction caused by DUI’s, an estimated $330,000,000 in costs is paid in DUI damages every year.

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