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When You Need an Idaho DUI Attorney

It is a good idea to contact an Idaho DUI Attorney as soon as is possibly.  There are serious legal, administrative and financial consequences for even a first time offender, so let an experienced DUI Attorney navigate the legal waters on your behalf.

Because you have only 7-days to request an Administrative Hearing with the Idaho DMV, a DUI Attorney has to quickly prepare documents for the possible reinstatement of your license.

 Also, an experienced DUI Attorney may be able to immediately recognize errors in the methods used by the arresting officer and may pursue the avenue of ‘dismissal.’  For this reason, it is best to speak to a DUI Attorney while the events of the arrest are fresh in your mind.


The Services Provided By and the Benefits of Having an Idaho DUI Attorney

The legal and administrative consequences of an Idaho DUI are harsh.  An Idaho DUI Attorney understands the factors that affect the outcome of your specific case and will work on your behalf to ensure that the outcome is reasonable and fair.

An Idaho DUI Attorney will work on your behalf to handle both the legal and administrative hearings:

  • Submit forms and documentation for reinstatement of your driver’s license if it was revoked on the scene
  • Prepare a defense and represent  you at your Idaho DMV Administrative Hearing
  • Analyze the evidence brought forth in your case and attempt to rebut testimonies
  • Evaluate the equipment used in your arrest
  • Use the evidence to have the case dismissed, if the evidence is faulty or inaccurate, or to have your charges reduced


The benefits are obvious ones.  Without an experienced DUI Attorney, harsher penalties may be doled out to you in court.  An Idaho DUI Attorney works on your behalf to ensure that the final judgment is reasonable, fair and warranted.


Costs of an Idaho DUI Attorney

The fee you will pay for an Idaho DUI Attorney will vary from Attorney to Attorney and can range from $2500 to $15,000, approximately, depending on the severity of your case.

Also, consider into the equation that you will be responsible for the payment of all expert witnesses and that you will also incur court costs and fines.

Your bill will quickly add up to thousands of dollars!   While you may be tempted to hire a less expensive Attorney, it is important to remember that ‘you get what you pay for!’ Considering the seriousness of your conviction, it is not prudent to hire a mediocre Attorney who has little experience and/or success with DUI cases. You may find a DUI Attorney who is willing to handle your case on a contingency basis, but this is rare.  


Risks of Not Hiring an Idaho DUI Attorney

Over the past few years, DUI convictions have been handled with increasing severity.  Idaho and many other States are recognizing the increasing frequency of DUI arrests and are ‘cracking down’ on drivers who drive while impaired.  Without an experienced DUI Attorney, you are throwing yourself to the wolves!

Perhaps the officer was mistaken and you were not, in fact, driving impaired.  Are you capable of proving this in court?  Probably not.  Let an experienced DUI Attorney tackle this issue for you or you may find yourself suffering unreasonable and unfair consequences.

A DUI Attorney will know how to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk at both the legal and administrative hearings, and this savvy know-how may procure you a plea to a lesser charge and reduced penalties.  Again, it is not likely that you can do this on your own and, without a DUI Attorney, you may find the harshest penalties imposed.

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