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Drugs and Driving

If you are driving impaired and are under the influence of illegal, prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs, you will be guilty of DUI in Idaho.  

The inclusion of prescription and over-the-counter drugs in this category often surprises people, but no matter what the source of the impairment, you are impaired just the same!

It is your responsibility as a driver to understand the side effects of any medications you are currently taking and to avoid the operation of a motor vehicle if the side effects will cause detriment.  If a medication, whether issued by a physician or purchased over the counter, is causing you to drive unsafely, then you are guilty of a DUI.  

It is best to allow yourself a trial period on your medication before attempting to operate a motor vehicle.  If your body does not respond adversely and/or in a way that would impair your driving, then it is safe to operate the vehicle WITH CAUTION!  If you know that a medication overtakes you and causes drowsiness and you still choose to operate a motor vehicle, then you are no less guilty than the boozer that put back a six-pack and drove his SUV into the side of a van full of children.  Think before you do things!  It is that simple!

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