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Alcohol and Driving

One of the most dangerous combinations and a plague upon our society!  Alcohol and driving do not mix under any circumstances, and this is evidenced by the thousands of lives that are carelessly jeopardized and lost every year across our nation.

Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and immediately begins to wreak havoc upon your body.  Your senses are numbed and your reaction time slows.  You can no longer safely operate a motor vehicle as your senses continue to become impaired and your reaction time continues its downward spiral.

Alcohol will continue through your bloodstream and reach your brain, and gross motor impairments will become evident.  Inhibition of thought processes, impairment of the senses and an overall feeling of euphoria and self-confidence, excessive mood changes and emotional responses, and the loss of coordination and balance will soon overtake you.  If you continue to consume alcohol at rates faster than your body can metabolize it, loss of consciousness and even death can follow.  If these responses are delayed and begin to appear after you have taken physical control of a motor vehicle, that motor vehicle will evolve into a deadly weapon.

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