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Defensive Driving Techniques

The state of Idaho recognizes that driving aggressively is a behavior that leads to violations, accidents and, possibly, road rage.   For this reason, Idaho has approved Driving University as an online provider of Defensive Driving school.  Defensive Driving school will teach drivers the Defensive driving techniques that help drivers to remain cool, calm and collected on the road.  The result is a driver who is more conscientious, more courteous and more aware of the factors that lead to violations, accidents and road rage.

Driving University’s course is Idaho specific and addresses those behaviors that the State of Idaho has recognized as precursors for dangerous driving behavior.  Driving University will take you through a series of lessons that address:

Driving Under the Influence – An Idaho DUI is a serious violation.  Learn about the adverse affects that alcohol and drugs have on your body and learn to make safe and informed decisions

Attitude and Courtesy – Idaho roadways in no way resemble a racetrack, so leave the aggressive driving to Nascar drivers!  Show other drivers the courtesy they deserve, and do not allow yourself to respond negatively to aggressive drivers!

Stress and Fatigue – This combination can lead to dangerous driving behavior.  Idaho roadways are not place for you to lash out about family or work problems, and you certainly shouldn’t take to the roads if you are not physically prepared to do so.  Leave your problems at home and don’t drive drowsy or tired!

Adjusting to your Environment – On any given day, the world will hurl unexpected obstacles your way.  These may include stormy weather, traffic and/or personal problems.  Driving University will teach you effective strategies to deal with:  

  • Distractions
  • Road Conditions

Accidents – Learn how to identify and react to other drivers’ behaviors and road conditions that may lead to accidents.

Strategies to protect yourself – Avoid accidents and aggressive drivers by recognizing the signs the precede them.


Driving University is a low-cost option for drivers who want to improve their driving skills, combat points, or satisfy a court-ordered requirement.  The course is delivered in a convenient online format and includes quizzes, fun facts, videos and content that is engaging and relevant.  

From the comfort of your home, Driving University will school you in these Idaho defensive driving techniques and help you to become a preemptive driver.  The content teaches you to anticipate potential hazards and respond accordingly and in a way that decreases the likelihood of accidents and road rage.

The defensive driving techniques taught in Driving University’s Idaho specific course are ones that every driver should acquire and incorporate into their everyday driving behavior.  Visit Driving University today and make the commitment to become a safer, wiser, more courteous you!

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