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Strap on your driving gloves, teenagers!  Idaho has a Driver’s Education Program just for you!  Whether taken in public school, at a commercial driving school or online, Idaho’s Driver’s Education Programs are exactly what you need to become adept drivers.

Check out the Idaho DMV website for cool, interactive quizzes, puzzles and more to begin your preparation for entrance into the Idaho Graduated Driver’s Licensing 3-step process.  Enroll in a Driver’s Education Course as young as 14 ½ years old and begin making your way towards the illustrious Idaho Driver’s License.  

Freedom is at your fingertips!  But driver beware!  Treat your privilege with the respect it deserves and obey all traffic laws.  A traffic conviction will put your back to square one in the GDL step process.  Driver’s Education is mandatory for all Idaho drivers under 17 years of age, but the Idaho DMV website makes the experience trendy and cool!  Have fun, be safe, and obey the rules.  The open road will be yours to behold!


Who is Required to Complete an Idaho Driver’s Education Course?

All driver’s under 17 years of age are required to complete an Idaho approved Driver’s Education Course either in school, at a commercial driving school or online.  Students of Driver’s Education must obtain their Supervised Instruction Permit before enrolling in Driver’s Education.

After successful completion of 6-months of violation-free supervised driving, successful completion of a Driver’s Education Course, and once a teen driver is 15-years old, they can enter the next phase of the Idaho Graduated License Program (GDL), which is the testing portion of the Idaho GDL.  Teen drivers are required to earn passing grades on both the written and skills test.  Finally, after another 6-months of supervised driving or when a teen turns 17 years old (whichever comes first), an Idaho Driver’s License is issued.

If a teen driver has completed a Driver’s Education Course in another State, proof must be shown to the Idaho DMV before a Graduated Driver’s License is issued.  If a teen driver will not be surrendering their out-of-state license, however, then they are required to complete a supervised driver-training program.

An Idaho Supervised Instruction Permit will be cancelled at any time if a driver under 17 years of age is convicted of violating any traffic laws or is caught with alcohol or drugs, regardless of whether or not they were operating a motor vehicle at the time.  If the Idaho DMV cancels your Supervised Instruction Permit, a teen driver must apply for a new Supervised Instruction Permit and begin the process all over again.  This cancelation is in addition to any other suspension imposed by the Idaho DMV or traffic court.


What Agency Regulates Idaho Driver’s Education Courses?

All Idaho Driver’s Education Programs are regulated by the Idaho Transportation Department DMV division and the Idaho State Department of Education.  This includes public schools, commercial driving schools and online programs.  All Idaho Driver’s Education Programs must meet the requirements set forth the by Idaho DMV and the Idaho State Department of Education and ensure content delivery that is in-line with the mandatory Idaho standard course content.


Who Teaches Idaho Driver’s Education and What are the Idaho Instructor Requirements?

Idaho Driver’s Ed Instructors are required to complete a 4-credit course that prepares them in both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.  The course can be taken at an Idaho University or online.  The Idaho State Department of Education regulates the certification of Idaho Driver’s Education Instructors.

In addition to the 4-credit requirement, the following requirements apply to all Idaho Driver’s Education Instructors who will instruct in a public school:

  • Complete a criminal history background check if teaching for another school district or private driving school (Another background check is NOT required if you are planning to teach Driver Education in the district you already teach in)
  • Pass the ITD Skills test, administered by a certified Skills Tester within the past 12 months, with no more than 7 penalty points. Submit your results to the Idaho Driver Education Coordinator in the sealed envelope.
  • f planning to provide any in-car instruction, you must submit the results of a current medical examination that was done within 3 months prior to the application
  • Have a good driving record:

1. No conviction for traffic violations carrying a mandatory suspension or revocation of the license within the preceding thirty-six (36) months

2. Not more than one (1) conviction for any moving traffic violation within any twelve (12) month period of the previous thirty-six (36) months. In other words, only one conviction every twelve months is acceptable. The clock starts the day of the conviction

3. The driving record must be free of involvement in any fatal traffic accident resulting in a conviction for any moving traffic violation

4. A driving record must be free of any conviction for driving while the license is revoked or suspended

  • The school district must submit the teacher’s information on the “Instructor Authorization Form” to the SDE (letting us know they are hiring you)
  • Once approved, the teacher is sent a confirmation letter along with an instructor license and the school district is sent a confirmation letter. Approval is valid for one fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th)

Private School Driver’s Education Instructors have different requirements that must be met:

  • In lieu of a teaching degree, complete eight semester credits of university education coursework. Examples of such courses include: introduction to teaching, teaching methods, education technology, educational psychology, etc. The coursework must be on an official college transcript
  • Complete the four credit Idaho certification course
  • If planning to provide any in-car instruction, you must submit the results of a current medical examination that was done within 3 months prior to the application.
  • Complete a criminal history background check through the SDE


Both Public and Private Driver’s Education Instructors are required to apply for renewal of their Idaho Instructor’s License every fiscal year:

  • Authorization form must be received and approved by the SDE prior to teaching classes in the new fiscal year.  For private school instructors, this mean that a renewal application should be submitted in December
  • Public school instructors are required to complete a minimum 15 hours of professional development every two years. Other than the state workshops, professional development must receive prior approval
  • The medical certificate must be renewed every two years
  • During the renewal process the SDE checks your driving record to ensure your driving record qualifies for renewal

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