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Drivers Ed Curriculum

The Idaho Transportation Department and the Idaho State Department of Education has mandated content-standards that all Public and Private Driver’s Education Courses must adhere to.  All Idaho Driver’s Education Courses must include the following content-standards and benchmarks:

  • Course Overview and Parent Orientation
  • Identifying Vehicle Gauges, Alert and Warning Symbols
  • Operating Vehicle Control Devices
  • Preparing to Drive
  • Protecting Occupants
  • Traffic Control Devices and Laws
  • Right of Way Rules
  • Vehicle Positioning
  • Performing Basic Control Tasks
  • Using Vision for Vehicle Control
  • Time and Space Management Systems and Strategies
  • Negotiating Intersections
  • Performing Lane Changes and Passing
  • Performing Turnabouts
  • Performing Parking Maneuvers
  • Effect of Gravity and Energy of Motion on Vehicle Balance 
  • Maintaining Traction Control
  • Negotiating Hills and Curves
  • Driving in Rural Environments
  • Driving in Urban Environments
  • Driving on Limited Access Highways (Freeways)
  • Driving at Night and in Other Reduced Visibility Conditions
  • Driving During Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Cooperating with Other Roadway Users
  • Responding to Emergencies
  • Responsibilities after a Crash
  • Driving Within the Highway Transportation System
  • Driver Licensing
  • Effects of Emotions
  • Disabilities
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Alcohol Involved Crashes and Idaho Laws
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Driver Distractions
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Purchasing a Vehicle
  • Maintaining a Vehicle
  • Planning Your Travel
  • Conserving Resources
  • Emerging Vehicle and Highway Safety Technologies


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