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Idaho Driver’s Education, also called a driver-training program, is a course designed for drivers under 17 years of age to acquaint them with the rules of Idaho roads and to orient them to motor vehicles. 

An Idaho Driver’s Education course consists of 30-hours of classroom instruction, 6-hours of in-car observation in a driver-training car, and 6-hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a qualified instructor.  

Idaho requires that all Driver’s Education Courses offered by a public school are a minimum of 42-days in length or 30-days in length when school is not in session; however, Idaho approved Commercial Driving Schools do not have a specified minimum amount of time in which their Driver’s Education Courses must be delivered.

Idaho Driver’s Education Courses are approved to be taught in a school district, at a commercial driving school and online.  Public school Driver’s Education is open to all students from age 14 ½ to 21, regardless of whether or not they are public school students. 


Drivers Education 

Strap on your driving gloves, teenagers!  Idaho has a Driver’s Education Program just for you!  Whether taken in public school, at a commercial driving school or online, Idaho’s Driver’s Education Programs are exactly what you need to become adept drivers. Read more...


Drivers Ed Curriculum 

The Idaho Transportation Department and the Idaho State Department of Education has mandated content-standards that all Public and Private Driver’s Education Courses must adhere to.  All Idaho Driver’s Education Courses must include the following content-standards and benchmarks. Read more...


Driving School Locations 

Find a driving school in your area.


Online Drivers Ed 

The classroom portion of the Idaho Driver’s Education can be taken completely online through an Idaho approved Driver’s Education provider.  The content included in online Driver’s Education courses is identical to that provided in public schools and at commercial driving locations. Read more...


Teen Driving

The Idaho DMV has a website devoted entirely to teen drivers.  The goal of this website is to acquaint teen drivers with the Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) process, rules-of-the-road, safety issues and more, and the Idaho DMV does a great job of relating to teen drivers by using teen lingo and incorporating graphics and music.  This is truly a ‘must-see’ for all Idaho teen drivers. Read more...

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