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Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles

Idaho DMV Office Locations 

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Idaho DMV History 

The Idaho Department of Transportation reports that in the year 1913 the state issued 2,083 vehicle plates.  Motorcycles did not get an actual plate but painted their registry number, state, and year of manufacture on the rear mud guard.  It was not until 1917 that they issued plates to motorcycles. Idaho may have been the place where creative plate designs were born.  When a plate was lost back then, the state issued a blank replacement plate and the driver was told to hand paint the plate number.  Some of these plates were very creative and drivers took pride in them.  In 1928, Idaho became the first state to issue a license plate featuring a graphic.  It was an Idaho potato, of course. Read more...

Idaho DMV Services

The Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles offers many services, including accessing the services online at the comfort of your home computer.  Here are some of the services offered by the DMV. Read more...

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