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Online Defensive Driving

For those drivers who are not geographically able to attend a physical Defensive Driving School, Idaho has approved Driving University to offer their Idaho Defensive Driving course via the internet.  Now, from the comfort of your own home and for a very small enrollment fee, you can learn the techniques, tips and tricks that will make you a more safety conscience, in-control driver.

Driving University has developed a highly engaging course that is packed with quizzes, fun facts, videos, statistics, real-life situations and more.  A driver can work through the Driving University course with ease and at his/her own pace.  The course can be completed over a period of time, so drivers can complete portions of the course, master content, and return to the course later to dive into more learning!

Driving University is Idaho State Approved and covers those topics that are deemed necessary by the Idaho Transportation Department.  Two recurring themes govern the Driving University Idaho Defensive Driving Course:

  • Laws are made to be followed
  • What laws don’t cover, courtesy does!


Some of the topics you will cover in the Driving University Idaho Defensive Driving course are:

  • Speeding
  • DUI’s
  • Being a courteous driver
  • Avoiding accidents
  • Benefits of safety restraints
  • Avoiding aggression on the road


And much, much more!  No matter your age or situation, Driving University’s Idaho Defensive Driving course is a perfect addition to your ‘driving resume!’

Driving University Online Course