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Idaho Defensive Driving Instructor

What is an Idaho Defensive Driving/Idaho Traffic School Instructor?

Anyone who is cited for a moving violation in the state of Idaho will have points assigned to their driving record.  The points stay there for three years and if you get more than 12, your license will be suspended.  By attending an approved defensive driving/traffic school you can reduce your number of points by 3.  People may also volunteer to take the courses if they are guilty of a violation.  Drivers might want to reduce their insurance premium by attending the school. The defensive driving/traffic school instructor is the person who teaches the course.  They have specialized training and renew their instructor license annually with the state of Idaho.  The instructor will teach you the benefits of defensive driving, effects of alcohol on the ability to drive, techniques to handle adverse driving conditions, be able to spot driving errors that contribute to collisions, and how to avoid collisions.

What Idaho State Agency Regulates it?

An Idaho defensive driving/traffic school instructor must be annually licensed by the Idaho Department of Transportation.

Steps for Becoming an Idaho Instructor

To become a certified driver’s education instructor you must complete a 4 credit course offered by Idaho State University or Boise State University.  The class will prepare you for the classroom and in-car methods of teaching.  If you do not want to leave the comfort of your own home but would like to become a driving instructor, you should think about enrolling in an online program.  Idaho Digital Learning Academy and Northwest Nazarene University offer an approved program online.  Every year you must renew your instructor license from the state of Idaho before it is legal to teach.

Requirements to Become an Idaho Instructor

It might be obvious but to become an Idaho Instructor the state requires you to have a good driving record.  The state of Idaho defines a good record as;

  • No conviction for traffic violations carrying a mandatory suspension or revocation of the license within the preceding 36 months.
  • Not more than 1 conviction for any moving traffic violation within any 12 month period of the previous 36 months.
  • The driving record must be free of involvement in any fatal traffic accident resulting in a conviction for any moving traffic violation.
  • A driving record must be free of any conviction for driving while the license is revoked or suspended.

The instructors must also pass the Idaho Transportation Skills test which is given by a certified Skills Tester.  The results of a current medical examination, done within 3 months, must be submitted if the instructor plans to provide in-car instruction.

Continuing Education Requirements

A minimum of 15 hours of professional development must be completed every two years for public school teachers of driver’s education.  If the professional development is not given by the state of Idaho then it must be approved by the State of Idaho Department of Education.  In 2007, nine driver’s education workshops were conducted in six different regions of the state by the Idaho Department of Education.

Job Opportunities and Income Potential

According to the Department of Education of the State of Idaho in 2007, instructor’s wages on average were $17.61 to $17.90 per hour.  There were 348 active public school driver education instructors and 72 active commercial driving school instructors.  10 teachers completed the course at Northwest Nazarene University, 11 at Idaho State University and 16 at Boise State University.  Since the population is steadily increasing with more and more drivers on the road, there will always be a need for defensive driving/traffic school instructors.

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