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The Difference between Idaho Defensive Driving and Idaho Drivers Education

Idaho Defensive Driving courses are for drivers who want to improve on their driving skills for either:

  • General safety concerns
  • Court ordered driving improvement
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Personal driving improvement
  • Point reduction


Idaho Defensive Driving courses focus on those skills that make us more aware, more capable, preemptive drivers.  These courses are taken voluntarily, in most cases, and build on and/or help you to improve the driving skills you already possess.  Defensive Driving courses do not require behind-the-wheel supervision or instruction.

On the other hand, Idaho Drivers Education courses, also called Driver Training Programs, are for all Idaho drivers 17 years of age or younger who are applying for an Idaho Drivers License.  In an Idaho Drivers Education course, young drivers will learn the rules of the road and the general safety practices that all drivers must master before operating a motor vehicle.  New drivers are also required to partake successfully in six hours (360 minutes) of in-car observation in a driver-training car, and six hours (360 minutes) of behind the wheel driving with a driver training instructor. 

What Agency Regulates Idaho Defensive Driving Courses?

The Idaho Transportation Department assigns personnel from the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles to regulate all course content and to issue approvals.  The Idaho DMV can reject a Defensive Driving course if it does not meet specific Idaho standards at the time an application is submitted or any time after the course is approved if the Defensive Driving School does not uphold its standards of delivery and content.  This includes all Defensive Driving Schools in Idaho, both online and at physical locations.


Idaho Defensive Driving

Idaho Defensive Driving is promoted as driving skills that allow a driver to proactively respond to hazards on the road and make appropriate driving decisions, prevent accidents and avoid altercations with other drivers.


Idaho Defensive Driving courses are regulated by the Idaho Transportation Department and content will include instruction on:

  • Accident prevention
  • DUI
  • Avoiding hazards
  • Avoiding aggressive drivers


There are several reasons that a driver may choose to take a Defensive Driving Course:

  • Point Reduction
  • Insurance Discount
  • General Driver Improvement


Idaho Defensive Driving may also be court ordered. No matter the reason you are taking an Idaho Defensive Driving course, you will benefit from the content and instruction and gain confidence as a driver.

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