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Course Eligibility

Everyone!  When you consider the safety benefits of successfully completing an Idaho Defensive Driving course, it is obvious that this is a course suitable for all!  If your auto insurance company permits it, your successful completion of an Idaho Defensive Driving course can earn you reductions on your auto insurance rates.

If your purpose for enrolling in an Idaho Defensive Driving course is to reduce points on your license, then you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your license must not be suspended
  • This must be your only enrollment within a 3 year period
  • You must already have points on your license (you cannot ‘accumulate’ Defensive Driving course time and use it towards a later conviction)

You can request permission from the court to enroll in an Idaho Defensive Driving course in an effort to have traffic tickets and fines dismissed.  The seriousness of the traffic offense will be a determining factor in your eligibility.

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