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What Affects Insurance Rates?

Points!  Points!  Points!  If you are a reckless, careless driver, the law will catch up to you, and your auto insurance company will not be far behind! For every conviction you receive, your Idaho Driving Record will be riddled with points.  The more points you have, the more you will pay in insurance, especially if the eventual culmination is a mandatory SR-22 Certificate.  Your Idaho Driving Record indicates to an auto insurance company whether you are a low- or high-risk driver, and high risk drivers pay the consequences out-of-pocket.

What you drive and where you park it will also affect your rates.  In other words, the cost to replace a Jaguar is far greater than the cost to replace your beloved Gremlin.  If you are parking that Jag by the curb in the inner city, expect your rates to skyrocket!

Finally, look for discounts in bundled packages.  If you allow an insurance company to provide you with homeowner’s and auto insurances, for example, you will likely receive a reduced bundled rate.

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