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Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

You were just in accident and are at fault.  The other driver and two passengers in the other driver’s vehicle are injured, and the other driver’s car is totaled.  Good news!  The other driver has Uninsured Motorist Coverage which will pay for $10,000 in medical bills!  The bad news – the medical bills plus the cost to replace the driver’s vehicle tops $100,000.  That makes you liable for $90,000 in medical and replacement costs.

This scenario could become your reality if you are not insured or underinsured, which is why Idaho requires that all motor vehicles be insured by at least the minimum liability coverages.  In this scenario, your insurance would have covered most expenses incurred, assuming you had the minimum liability amounts, and would have covered the entire expense, assuming you were prudent enough to purchase higher limits.

In addition to the personal and financial repercussions that will ensue when you do not have at least the minimum required liability coverage, Idaho’s no-insurance laws require you to provide proof of financial responsibility for one year if you are a first-time offender.  This means that a costly SR-22 Certificate must be obtained from your insurance agent .

If you’re a repeat no-insurance offender and it is your second violation within a five-year period, expect to pay the cost of the SR-22 Certificate for three-years. The costs of violating the Idaho no-insurance law has, at this point, far exceeded what you would have paid if you had obtained Idaho auto insurance in the first place!

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