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Levels of Auto Insurance

While Idaho does have a minimum auto insurance requirement, drivers are free to choose their own level of coverage beyond the required liability minimums. For example, a driver may choose $$25,000 worth of liability coverage instead of the required $15,000.  This, of course, would result in higher insurance premiums.  So why would anyone choose to increase their required minimums?  The answer is simple – the individual/individuals that a driver is adding to their policy may fall into a high-risk category, and higher levels of liability insurance will protect the policyholder in the long- run.  Always consider yours and other persons’ driving behavior when choosing liability coverage.

 For example, if a parent is adding a teen driver to their auto insurance policy, they may want to inquire about increased liability coverage.  While it may cost out-of-pocket monthly, it will save the policyholder from possible financial hardship if the new driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident.  It is important to remember here that teen drivers monopolize a large portion of motor vehicle accident statistics, so choose your levels of liability coverage wisely.

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